Cliff Bruckner: father of owners Jim and Tom BrucknerCliff Bruckner and his dad Frank watch an employee cut pipe at Ford City.Annie Bruckner taking care of business.

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Chas F. Bruckner Plumbing was founded by Charles (Chas) F. Bruckner over 100 years ago.

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Bookkeeping in 1951Charles F. Bruckner was a German immigrant who came to America to realize a better life. He was originally a butcher by trade and perhaps an unlikely candidate to start a plumbing company. Nevertheless, Bruckner believed in and made good on the American promise that with hard work anything is possible. In 1890, with initiative and determination behind him, he opened the doors to a business (with then partner and brother-in-law Joseph Weber) that would prove a successful family enterprise: Weber and Bruckner Plumbing and Heating.

As a female business owner in the 1930's, Annie Bruckner was a bit of a trailblazer.In 1904, in order to focus on the plumbing side of the business, Bruckner amicably parted with his brother-in-law. As a result, the company officially became entitled Chas F. Bruckner and Son (The "son" being Frank Bruckner, the current owners' grandfather). With a new company name and sole ownership, Charles oversaw many large and exciting projects, including a portion of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

In 1936, Chas Bruckner imparted his business to two of his children: Frank and Anne. After Anne's death, Frank Bruckner continued to expand the company without his sister. Interestingly enough, Bruckner Plumbing expanded in tandem with a famous man named Walgreen. In fact, almost every Chicago-area Walgreen's drugstore that opened before 1970 had a Bruckner plumber behind it. Adding to large projects like Walgreen’s pharmacies, Frank continued to grow Bruckner Plumbing and saw it incorporated in 1955. Frank put his heart and soul into the family business until he passed the company on in 1976 to his two sons: Cliff F. (the current owners' father) and Bernard Bruckner.

The incredible family tradition continues today as brothers Jim and Tom Bruckner, the next generation of Bruckner plumbing leaders, continue their great-grandfather's dream at the very same Chicago address at which it began.

Chas F. Bruckner & Son, Inc. 2535 S. 25th Avenue Broadview, IL 60558